7 Fun and Sexy Fancy Dress Costumes for Women

So is it Halloween or another fancy dress party? Either one, you want to be the sexiest, most fun diva in the room. There are a million and one possible fancy dress costumes for women out there, but don’t worry about too much choice. Here are 7 lady’s costume ideas that cannot fail to impress:

1. Sailor Girl

You will be the center of attention with a sexy sailor girl costume. Sassy, fun, playful and it gives you the possibility to carry a toy gun! Just find a nice white sailor-style shirt, a short blue skirt, some white leggings and a sailor girl hat and you’re most of the way there.

2. Vampire temptress

This one isn’t just for Halloween – the vampire lady is welcome at any fancy dress party. Sexy, fun and a little bit evil. You only need lots of black, lots of lace, lots of sexy make up and some teeth to sink into your prey.

3. Queen of Hearts

Probably the most popular costume of the last two years is the Queen of Hearts costume, since Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This wonderfully extravagant costume stuns anyone who sees it – with its lavish colors and expansive skirts. Not to mention the best bit – the outlandishly attractive and completely unique make up!

4. Fairy Fancy Dress

Tinkerbell or any fantasy fairy is always fun to dress up in. You can wear a little colorful fairy dress, some sexy tights, and a pair of sings that fly out behind you. And don’t forget your fairy wand and fairy dust – you won’t be able to cast any magic without it.

5. Dorothy

One of the greatest lady’s costumes of all time, for grown women and children alike – is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. From the ruby red shoes to take you home at the end of the night, to the sky blue dress and picnic basket. Dorothy is such a recognizable and fun figure that everyone will know and love it right away.

6. Super Hero Costumes

You can become Wonder Woman, Super Girl or Cat Woman for the night. Impress all the guys with your colorful, flashy suits and super powers.

7. 60s Hippie Girl

And finally, one of the most fun possible is the sixties hippie girl costume. Get on those psychedelic skirts and crazy tight shirts. And you’ll be the queen of the party no doubt about it.

By Rachael_B_Thompson

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