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Make Up Techniques

The secret of effective make up lies in the techniques of its application. The best make up techniques can make the heaviest make ups look most natural and yet attractive, concealing the flaws of the skin to perfection. The most effective trick lies in choosing the right kind of make up depending on the occasion and time of wearing it.

After washing the face properly, depending on the skin type and complexion a moisturizer is essential to maintain the skin balance. In case of a day make up, a sunscreen moisturizer or sun block is essential, which would suit individuals according to their different skin types. Choosing the right foundation can make a huge difference that comes in different types such as liquid, cream and foundation sticks. The “stick” type is considered to have a better coverage and is efficient in concealing the blemishes and broken veins completely, while a liquid base provides a more natural look with its lighter coverage. One of the most important aspects would be to match the color of the foundation with the complexion imparting a natural look and feel. In case of oily skins, dry compact bases or oil free liquid bases are recommended whereas a dry skin would require cream based foundations with a moist appearance. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beauty Tips – Make Up Brushes

When it comes to make up, women will try just about anything to get that magical look. Creams, facial powders, artificial solvents and bleaches are just some of the chemicals that women have put on themselves in the search for beauty, with little success.

While one might think the problem lies in the concoctions used, a great percentage of stylists and make up artists claim that ignorance of what goes where and how much when it pertains to the face is what prevents a great number of them from attaining the drop dead looks they badly crave for. The secret lies in the application.

Some women use their plain fingers when it comes to applying their make up, others use sponges; both are at fault. For the best results make up brushes come highly recommended.

That said; there are several types that leave many baffled about their functions. Not to worry, if you’re one of those people who can’t differentiate which is which then I’m here to help you out.

I’ll start with the foundation brush. As the name suggests, this brush works on the freshly washed raw skin to ensure that the foundation is properly applied and blends perfectly with the face. Beauty professionals say they cannot live without it and consider it a necessity that every woman should have in their make up kit. These brushes have long flat bristles designed to create a flawless and soft finish. Read the rest of this entry »

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