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The Three Essential Men’s Suits

Now that each brand in the men’s apparel business comes out with its own version of the suit, the field of men’s formal and office attire has expanded dramatically. But you don’t need to buy every suit that the stores label as ‘classic’ or ‘essential.’ Heck, you don’t need that many suits at all; three should be enough to get you through most days and events.

The Black Suit
Once thought to be limited for just funeral homes and undertakers, the modern black suit is now a staple for virtually any situation. Whether it’s an office interview or a dinner out, your black suit is the single ready-to-go, hassle-free option.

The trick to keeping your black suit from looking like funeral home fare is to get it in the proper (even close-fitting) size. That means no protruding shoulder pads, a waist that slightly hugs your own and a hem that doesn’t go too far below your crotch.

Another strategy you could employ is to inject some color or pattern into your outfit. A patterned or light colored shirt, for example, is a much more vibrant option than a plain white one. Stripes or geometric patterns, on the other hand, give a much needed update to ho-hum old solid black ties. You may also want to watch out for different textures of black items, an emerging trend for this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips in Taking Care of Mens Suit

Knowing and having the right suits for men is very important. A man is expected to have at least a pair of men’s suit in his closet. Everyday life brings us surprises we don’t expect. Occasions, celebrations and unexpected events just come without our knowing such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, formal parties and even job interviews.

Now when this happens are you going to panic buy for men’s suit because you do not have it? Are you just going to grab whatever men’s suit you see in a shopping mall? Or worst borrow from someone else suit? Of course not! A real man is expected to own his own suit.

They say what you wear is who you are. The personality you project on your clothing expresses what kind of person you are. If you wear formal clothing like men’s suit, it shows that you are an organized, formal, confident and smart person. It is in the way you dress. How you match your suit to your pants, tie and shoes and of course your personality as a man can also be define.

Choosing the right fabric of men’s suit is an important thing a man must know. Fabric for suit includes rayon, merino, wool, polyester, cotton, silk, linen and more. This fabric differs in terms of quality and durability. Read the rest of this entry »

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