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Nail Care Tips and Tricks

Many of us go about our day, not putting much thought into the nails of our hands. There is most always even less put into the nails of our toes. But if we took a minute to think about all of the hard work and fun our nails contribute to daily, there would surely be more appreciation given. Our bodies have nails for the protection of our fingertips and toes, and they are also the strength at the tips to better pick up or hold, and all of the other things taken for granted.

Our nails are made of hard keratin proteins, and they rampantly grow when there are drastic changes of hormonal bouts, this is especially true during pregnancy. During the rest of the time, nails will be at their healthiest condition when we are on a good lean protein diet, and high vitamin intake of fruits and vegetables. Some of the prime vitamins for your nail’s health are B-complex vitamin foods and Vitamin A foods that are the colors of orange, yellow, or dark green. Vitamin C foods, dairy products the Vitamin E supplement are all very important for your nails healthiness, too. Zinc, sulfur and essential fatty acids are also very important to be a daily part of your nail’s health too. Omega 3 filled foods, such as fish are a must for good strong nails. Read the rest of this entry »

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Natural Nail Care

Nail care as well as hand care has to be constant. It should not finish at the beauty salons but slip into your home. A healthy nail has to be strong, flexible and pink. Sometimes nails problems mean some health problems.

If you reduce a little bit your nail care the spread nail skin easily tears and small scratches appear. If they are not disinfected immediately (with iodine, special liquid, brilliant green or manganese crystals) it can lead to purulent infections.

The nail structure is hereditary but it can change under the influence of external factors (environmental conditions, nutrition, improper care, job habits). In order to have healthy nails, the nutrition has to proper, food has to be diverse and contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Nails grow at the average 2mm a month that is why it take half a year to grow it back.

For proper nails care you have to do manicure (classic, European, hot or hard) at least twice a month. The place choice for the manicure is up to you. It can be a beauty salon, good friend or yourself. If you like to do manicure on your own or decided to try it yourself, you’ll need special manicure set. It includes several files, large and small cutting pliers, nail scissors with small, curved blade, cuticle pusher and orangewood stick. There is no doubt that all these things have to be kept clean. You can boil them, clean with spirit or cologne. Read the rest of this entry »

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