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Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake TrendsOver the past 15 years or so the wedding trend has changed somewhat and any reputable cake designer will have moved with the times and changed accordingly!

There are now many different types of weddings that people go for and as such the type of wedding cake has changed with these trends. No longer is there just the “Traditional Wedding” with cakes of extravagant tiers and designs, now we have registrar and licensed ceremonies, along with civil partnerships, catering for both same sex couples and the traditional husband and wife couple.

With these changes in wedding trends/ideas the requirements for different styling of cakes has also changed. In the past the majority of people always wanted the traditional three tier cake in colours matching the bridal theme set either on a cake stand or support by iced pillars. Now for the “traditional” wedding we are now also seeing requirements ranging from individual cup cakes displayed on tiers to extraordinary cakes designed in the shape of a fantasy castle and for the “Civil Partnership Wedding” the requested cakes can range from just a normal iced fruit cake inscribed with icing to individual designs such as contrasting tuxedos or a single large, butterfly shaped sponge cake. Read the rest of this entry »

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Types of Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has always been an important part of the reception, but these days it has taken on even greater significance. Brides are actually planning their entire weddings around the design of the cake. These are the types of cake and frosting that you are likely to find:

White cake: The most traditional wedding cake flavor; for more oomph, add a flavored filling between the layers, like raspberry buttercream or apricot preserves.

Chocolate cake: A crowd pleaser! Brides are getting more brave about serving chocolate cake. It can either be concealed under white frosting for a traditional appearance, or frosted in chocolate for a decadent treat. Chocolate is very popular for grooms’ cakes.

Marble cake: Can’t decide between white cake and chocolate cake? Then a marble cake is the answer.

Lemon cake: Tart and refreshing; try a lemon cake for a summer wedding. From personal observation, I should mention that women seem to like lemon flavored deserts much more than men, so make sure that your groom is okay with lemon before finalizing your order with the baker. Read the rest of this entry »

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