Dating Tips – How To Dress

If you want to attract beautiful, high quality women, you better know how to dress. Think about it, one of the factors that make her beautiful is the way she dresses. Attractive women know how to pick clothes that show off their figure. Now I’m not saying you should follow the latest fashion trends or spend thousands on designer labels. But she won’t think very highly of you If she sees you don’t have a clue about how to put together a decent outfit.

First off, learn how to color coordinate. There are certain colors that compliment each other very well. Then there are other colors that scream “dork” when worn together. For example black and grey works great together. Green and brown, not so much. You’ll look like a tree. Do a little research and look around to see what works and what catches your eye.

Next step is to make sure everything is nice and clean. Wear an outfit at the max twice then throw it in the laundry. Get rid of all stains. Don’t wear clothes that are wrinkly unless you’re going for a specific “messy” look. Learn how to iron clothes properly. Don’t be the guy with 2 creases going down the front of his dress pants. Women appreciate you paying attention to the small details.

Now we get to the fit. Find clothes that are form fitting. Not too loose and not too tight. Also equally important is the length. Pants that are too long will cause excess fabric to bunch up around your shoes. That looks really messy. Find shorter ones or get them hemmed. Same thing with shirts. You should look like you’re equally being split in half at the waist by your shirt and your pants. Anything more or less and you’ll look off.

And last of all, style. Figure out what kind of man you want to be and then dress the part. Style comes down to the type of clothing you wear, the material it is made up of, and the accessories you have on. Find your style. Women are far more attractive to men who have a sense of style. I’m sure you’ve seen a hot girl with a punk looking guy with tattoos and piercings? That’s his style. He’s attractive to her because he HAS a style. Unlike most guys who are too afraid to stand out and just end up wearing baggy t-shirts and jeans.

Learning how to dress is just one of many things you’ll need to get a handle on in order to attract high quality women into your life.

By Frank_Robins

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