Forecast: Fashion Police On The Way For 2012

Forecast for fashion 2012 is here! Fashion is always changing and unpredictable. You really can’t predict what style is in and what’s not. So here are some tips and tricks to stay gorgeous and up to date on the fashion trends for 2012.

Hey, don’t throw all your 2011 clothes and rush to your favorite store for the new and latest fashion wear for 2012, not until New Year. New Year signifies different things, but for fashion, it signifies the new trendy and chic 2012. What to expect for 2012 in fashion industry? Here are some lists that could get your hands started.

Colors: Next year will be for that combination of warm colors and those soft tonal features that will typically portray contentment and a great sense of wellbeing. These colors are different shades of orange, soft tone of yellow, majestic pink, and those soft organic colors that we usually see. It is also more focused on the seasonal palette from different shades of gray and neutral colors. For the dress: silhouette is here with those feminine intricate details in each dress. Tea dresses and coats are on the way towards the runway with different layers of collars and cuts that are really well thought of.

Low rise and skin tight jeans are so yesterday, here now are the wide leg pants and flared jeans for both genders. So go ahead and look into your closet for these pants are so back in right now.

Also look out for those 360 degrees dresses and clothing. This means that the back as well as the front part of your dress or clothing has style with different contours, drapes thus creating a 3D look.

Never ever forgot the accessories. Next year, 2012 will still contains beautiful accessories from neutral colors and shades. Hold on to those fake necklaces and your grandmother’s brooch of yours for it is still in for the next year. Metallic colors are so out this season.

Designers and fashionistas are scrambling to their feet to get ready for next year. Expect bold, intricate details and designs that flaunt your sexy curves and adds more femininity.

You don’t need to throw away all your 2011 fashion clothes, all you have to do is to be creative and think. For the stylist’s person, fashion doesn’t need to mean expensive. You could look chic and trendy without overspending your budget. Fashion 2012 is fast approaching, so get ready to shop and enjoy!

By Annie_A._Smith

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