How to Care for Your Collectible Jewelry

There are many different types of jewelry available and worn by people today. The most common types are rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Often these are made with precious and semi-precious stones and metals. These items of jewelry often hold great beauty but they can also require specialized care.

Many people simply have their jeweler care for their various pieces, and this is a good practice. A knowledgeable jeweler is experienced and knows the ins and outs of caring for even the rarest pieces. This service is often provided for free to help build a relationship with clients. However if you live away from your jeweler or simply don’t have the time to take your jewelry there It can be just as easy to handle its maintenance yourself.

There are a few things that can be helpful in this pursuit. You will need a small toothbrush, some form of cleaner and a small pointed object such as a pin or needle. Once you have acquired these The rest is easy! First inspect the jewelry for anything that might make it unstable. Look for things like cracks and bends in the metal that aren’t part of the piece. Look for stretched or frayed places in chains. Next use the needle to check the tightness of the stones. If you see them move in the setting or notice any of the aforementioned issues, you should consult your jeweler before proceeding.

Once you have determined the stability of the piece, immerse it in cleaner that has been warmed slightly – usually to around the temperature of a hot shower. This will help to loosen any debris, lotions or oils that may be present. Jewelry cleaner is fine for gold pieces but many jewelers use a mixture of mild soap and water. This will work well for Silver as well. After the piece has soaked for a minute or so use the toothbrush to clean it thoroughly.

It is important to note that some organic jewels such as pearls must be cleaned differently. One of the best ways to find more information about different Gems is on the internet.

By Michael_L_Leigh

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