Men’s Suits: Packing Tips for a Weekend Business Trip

Did you just receive the last-minute news about the upcoming weekend business trip you’ll be going on? Don’t panic. We’ve got the ultimate survival guide for you right here. We’ll help you decide which men’s suits to bring along, what unexpected social events could crop up and how to prepare for them, and we even give you some pointers on packing wrinkle-free.

Choosing the Right Men’s Suits for Your Weekend Business Trip

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that you are only leaving for the weekend. The second thing to keep in mind is the fact that this is a business meeting so stay away from trendy. You’ll need to pack two suits and a small variety of shirts and ties. Only two suits? That’s right.

• Basic Black or Charcoal Men’s Suit: The basic black or charcoal men’s suit should be a staple every time you travel. This suit can be played up with a white button cuff shirt and richly colored silk tie for the all-important business meeting and can then be matched with a simple gray button cuff shirt without a tie for the perfect George Clooney evening out. The basic black suit will have you feeling confident in the boardroom or the casino after hours.

• Navy or Gray Men’s Suit: Bring along your navy or gray suit for the secondary business meeting that may take place or possibly a lunch or other event you may need to attend. You don’t want your clients or colleagues to see you in the same black suit every day, so the navy or gray is perfect. Another bonus is the fact that the same black leather shoes you’ll be packing for the first suit can work with your gray or navy suit as well. Pack a couple of colorful ties and button cuff shirts to match.

• Casual Wear: A tweed jacket and a pair of chinos should also be on your list of things to pack. You may have some free time at the hotel bar in the evening or want to catch a casual breakfast during your stay. You still want to be dressed professionally, but it’s always smart to pack a more casual outfit.

Men’s Suits and Wrinkle-Free Packing

The next dilemma many men face when packing for a business trip is transferring their men’s suits over to their weekend location wrinkle-free. You don’t want to spend your time ironing, especially if you have a full itinerary.

The first key to packing wrinkle-free is to have the proper luggage. Let’s face it. You can’t pack a wrinkle-free wardrobe into a sports bag. If you haven’t invested in quality luggage yet, borrow a large suitcase from a friend.

Once you have the appropriate luggage, here are the inside secrets to keeping your men’s suits and other garments looking sharp:

• Pack the most delicate or easily wrinkled items in the center of your suitcase. Also, keep them away from the edges. Pack in this order: T-shirts and undergarments, suits, dress shirts and ties.

• Rolling your t-shirts and ties will also help to keep them wrinkle-free.

• Be careful where you place your dress shoes. The heel can cause an unwanted indentation in your suit.

• Use a garment bag for your suits and dress shirts if possible. Even if you have to pack the garment bag into your main suitcase, just fold it in half. This will provide an extra layer of cushion to prevent wrinkles.

Follow these tips and you should arrive with everything you need with clothing for any foreseeable occasion, and wrinkle-free to top it off!

If your men’s suits do happen to wrinkle during the trip, try hanging them in the bathroom right before you take a hot, steamy shower. If this doesn’t do the trick, many hotels do offer dry cleaning services. Just be sure that time will allow and you aren’t left without the appropriate clothing to wear.

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