More Than Fashion Accessories – Exploring the Functionality of Cat Collars

Many cat owners don’t know how useful these accessories can be, and only use them for identification and fashion value, when actually they can be used to greatly improve the health, safety or behavior of your cat. If you are a cat owner, don’t make the same mistake, and always make the most of your cat’s collar, it might prove to be very important for your pet’s well-being.

To improve the safety of your cat, you can use two types of collars, break-away and reflective. Sometimes, when a cat goes out to the street by itself, it can get stuck in a branch or an obstacle by the collar. If the cat is not wearing a safety break-away collar, it might die of asphyxiation, or suffer neck injuries; a break-away collar looks just like the normal item, but it’s designed to break when a certain amount of force is applied on it, in this way, when the animal gets stuck and tugs to get away, it won’t hurt its neck, or asphyxiate, but rather, the collar will break and the cat will be able to run free and safe. This is the first way in which a simple collar might keep your cat healthy and safe, but it’s not the most important.

Everybody is aware of the love that some cats have for night strolls, and of the risks to which any animal is a subject at this time of the day; of course, drivers, although unwillingly, present a very real risk for pets, but once again, a collar might be the solution to this problem. Reflective cat collars have a stripe of special material that reflects the light that is directed to it, making it easy for car or bike drivers to see a pet crossing a street at night, and allowing them to avoid hitting the animal. Reflective and break-away are characteristics that can be found together in many collars, and cat owners should always equip their pets with accessories that present these characteristics.

Sometimes your cat might catch fleas from other animals or from the ground outside or even from your own house if there has been a previous infestation, or another infested animal has visited; fleas are very resistant insects, and their eggs can remain unnoticed in the fibers of carpets or other surfaces for a long time before the adult flea comes out. If your pet catches fleas, it can lead to very serious consequences to its health. If you don’t treat the flea problem, your cat will develop a skin condition known as flea allergic dermatitis, which can cause serious irritation, bald spots, and the appearance of scabs and infected areas on the skin of your cat; another problem related to fleas, is that they transmit the tapeworm parasite, which can cause your cat to have constant diarrhea and to suffer from anemia and other problems.

One of the weapons in the arsenal you will have to use to get rid of fleas is a flea collar; this type of collar emits a toxic substance that will kill the fleas affecting your pet, and even though it’s not a permanent solution, and getting a flea collar is not the only thing you should do when dealing with a flea infestation, it is important to keep your cat free from the insects, and allowing you to stop the infestation. With flea collars you should always be careful, as they emit substances that are toxic for the insects, but that might also be harmful to your cat; always be sure to use collars that your veterinary recommends, or brands that you already know to work.

Another great use for cat collars is that you can use them to influence the behavior of your pet; if your cat is behaving erratically, or more aggressive, it might be because it feels uncomfortable or stressed, and needs to relax. To help your pet calm down, you can use pheromone collars, which will help your pet regain balance and start acting like it normally would. These collars should also be used in consensus with, or by the recommendation of your veterinary.

Now you can know that cat collars have many more uses than just helping identify your pet, or making it look better. These articles can be important tools that can help you improve the quality of life of your pet, by affecting its safety, health or behavior.

Esteban Bernechea is a chemical engineer currently working at the Center for Technological Risk Studies (CERTEC) in the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Catalunya, to earn a phd in chemical processes.

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