Nail Care For Women

Nail Care For WomenWhen it comes to the appearance of hands, well kept nails speak a lot about your personality. While it is not common among men to keep long nails, they are an important fashion statement for the women. Not only that, they also tell about the general state of health of a person.

A soft, shapely hand with well shaped nails look very attractive and enhance the beauty and personality of a woman. It is thus very important to look after your nails. And the best part of it all is that it does not take too much of the time to do so. In case you have long nails you must look after them well, because in absence of care they can cause infection. Here is how to go about nail care.

Avoid certain wrong habits like -

· Chewing the nail
· Using strong detergents for washing.
· Not wearing protective gloves.
· Do not keep your hands wet
· Do not let any pressure come on the fingernails while typing or doing any other work.
· Using unbranded or cheaper variety of nail polishes and removers which may be made of harmful chemicals.

Some good habits -

· Spend some time regularly in looking after your hands by cleaning, shaping and polishing them at least once a week. Application of nail varnish regularly keeps the hand looking great.
· As far as your feet are concerned, you must dip them in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes before trying to shape your nails. It would make them soft and also give your feet a soothing effect.
· Always wear gloves in your hands and socks in your feat when they are being exposed to any type of extreme, be it temperature, sunshine, or any type of work that involves use of harsh detergents and chemicals.

By Jessy_Wendy

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