Best Golf Shoes for Men and Women of 2011

Golf Shoes for Men and WomenHaving the best golf shoes is almost as important as having the best golf clubs. But you must also remember that everyone’s taste and fit is different from one another. Therefore, you should carefully read the reviews and product description of the shoes before you buy one.

Below are tips in buying the best golf shoes:

• Comfort - You must make sure that it has a perfect fit. It must completely wrap around your feet and must have little to no pressure points. Your shoes must have enough padding to prevent chafing. The comfort of your shoes will also affect your performance especially that golf involves a lot of walking and pressure shifts on your feet.

• Performance – The best golf shoes have strong grip and traction. This will give you more balance and stability. Plastic spikes are now the standard and metal spikes are discouraged because it damages the green.

Brand and Style - The style of the shoe is actually a personal preference. You can also choose from the classic golf shoe, golf boots, and golf sandals. The top best golf footwear brands today are: Ecco, Nike, Footjoy, and Callaway. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dress Shoes for Women

Dress Shoes for WomenWomen have always been aware of the importance of their clothes and styling aspects. But as new designs and fashions flood the market, the makeup and accessories women choose are selected according to the event they have to attend. Keeping the varying preferences of women in focus, designers are now making accessories for every choice and inclination. One of the most important accessories that complete the attire is the woman’s shoes. Women can choose their shoes for formal, semi-formal and casual to fit the clothing and occasion.

One of the most popular types of shoes among working women is the dress boot. These shoes are not only are very comfortable but feature elegant styles as well. The variety in styles allows the woman to select a dress shoe that matches their clothes and whim. Factors like the material of the shoes, their style and the brands influence the price range of these boots. The different materials from which dress shoes are manufactured include leather, exotic animal skins, suede, velvet, etc.

Gone are the days when the women had to match every dress with the select few neutral colors available in the market. The women of today can buy their favorite pair of dress boots in colors like pink, blue, green, gold, ivory, bronze and many more. Read the rest of this entry »

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