The Wonders of Alexandrite Jewelry

The Wonders of Alexandrite JewelryEarth is filled with countless wonders and miracles of nature. We simply tend to admire some beauties while ignoring other. We have seen the lush green lands, the rainbow and sunset. The nature has always been praised and appreciated by mankind but still there are some hidden treasures which will usually be ignored. One such treasure is alexandrite. It is not as common as other gemstones like zircon, diamond or amber but it has its own sparkle and brilliance.

Alexandrite stone is mostly found in Russia, US, Brazil and Zimbabwe. It is not found in abundance anywhere. This stone is rarely found in the earth mines. Its scarcity is one of the factors which contribute towards its attraction and high price.

Many people tend to prefer Alexandrite over other, more conventional forms of jewelry such as diamond, ruby, emerald etc. Mostly, women are fond of the jewelry that matches the color of their apparels but the most distinguishing feature of alexandrite is that it changes its colors under different conditions as it has no specific color to speak of. It changes its color from red to blue and green. The different shades and tones are present according to different time of the day and the intensity of light falling on it. For example, you can see alexandrite being green or blue in sunlight but it can be red or purple if seen under an artificial source of light. This color changing property is not found easily in any other stones; the only other multicolor stone being Opal. Most precious and semi-precious stones (rubies, emerald, diamonds) reflect the same color in any light. Read the rest of this entry »


Pearl Jewelry Sets

Pearl Jewelry SetsFirst of all, pearls are exceptional accessories for a stylish and sophisticated woman. In spite of their simple colors, their overall look remind of exquisite elegance and opulence. Although these items are not as shiny as other gemstones, they’re equally beautiful.

Pearls are great as jewels because they’re rare and women like to be unique. Suitable for a formal outfit, a woman’s neckline and overall look will be completely changed with high quality pearl jewelry sets. These accessories are really charming fashion items due to their origin. Can you image that such genuine and pure jewel has come out of an oyster? Even though the process is fairly simple, for some people the creation of a pearl is surreal. When small particles of sand get trapped inside an oyster, that oyster begins to deposit several layers of a special substance that in the end creates that beautiful white color of the jewel.

Perfectly round and truly exquisite, pearl jewelry sets are fabulous choices for young and mature women alike. In time, the world has become so fond of pearls due to their appearance and assembly. Right now, pearl jewelry sets are to be found in major jewelry stores but their cost is outrageous. If, on the other hand, you manage to buy them directly from the source, you’ll end up paying 50% off the price from the mall.

You might have some luck if you decide to place an order online. The web is a reliable source to purchase jewelry however you have to be careful. Counterfeit websites are constantly looking to steal your money. On the other hand, reliable retailers can be helpful. They can offer online support, proof of originality and they will never ask to pay in advance. Pearl jewelry sets are also amazing for a special occasion, like a birthday party, a cocktail gathering or a wedding. Their white color remind of purity, so you should consider them on your big day as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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