Sailing Shoes

Sailing ShoesIf you are an avid sail boat enthusiast, you’ll want to get yourself some sailing shoes that really perform. All shoes are not the same and a simple pair of sneakers isn’t going to give you the same kind of support that good sailing shoes will. Amateur or pro sailboat racers alike need a shoe that can keep up with them. Explore your options and you’ll find that there are newcomers to the athletic shoe game that you’ll want to check out.

If you’ve looked into sailing shoes at all, you’ll already know that there are tons to choose from. But what you really need to do is narrow it down to the basics of what’s essential in a shoe you’ll use on deck. You want top quality materials and sturdy construction, that’s for sure. But what else is important?

A sailor’s shoe needs to be rugged yet slip-resistant. No slick bottomed shoes need apply. You want a shoe that can stay water resistant even under the worst conditions. A shoe that has an alternative to laces that can untie and cause falls would be great too. Can you have it all?

You can have everything you’re looking for in a deck shoe and more. Companies are now turning out shoes that perform at top quality when you need them most. Check out a neoprene nonskid version that conforms to your foot like a glove. It’s part sock and part shoe, and when the decks are slick, you’re not going anywhere. Special toe sections allow you to grip the deck more easily. And water-wicking materials mean you won’t end up with soggy feet that can easily freeze at night.

Look for locking toggle laces that never come loose. You’ll need them when you’re in the harshest conditions. Whether for sport or survival, a good shoe will keep you on your feet. Don’t skimp where your feet are concerned. You need a shoe that has a stabilized midsole and a quick-dry upper. The days of the slippery, soggy, generic boat shoe are over. Today’s sailors rely on the technology and structure of today’s performance athletic shoes.

Shop online for sailing shoes that will go the distance with you. Invest in a pair that will keep you dry, sure-footed and ready for anything. Most stores will have a limited selection of elite sailing shoes, so try a specialty store or an online retailer for the best selections and size options.

By Alexander Sutton

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