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Amish Lifestyles in a Modern World

I consider myself a normal person in the fast-paced world, probably just like you. We have our luxuries that we take for granted and never even notice we have them unless we have a power outage. Through my relationship with the Amish, and my desire to learn more about their customs and work ethic, I recently offered my services to assist one of the families of fourteen (14) on their small family farm. I was soon regretting that decision. I found myself assisting the young Amish children, ages 7 through 13, in throwing wheat sheaves onto a horse drawn hay wagon . Needless to say, the young Amish children put me to shame. I could not keep up!

I have learned that the Amish are very hard working and decent people with an unbelievable work ethic . They are trained from a very young age that if a job is worth doing it is a job worth doing right. That instilled value is what makes their products so special. They live a very simple life with minimal furnishings in their homes. It goes without saying that there are no refrigerators, televisions, computers, radios, electricity, telephones, fans, etc. What took me by surprise was finding there are no pictures, doilies, what-knots, or even couches inside their homes! An Amish home is furnished with wooden beds, handmade quilts, basic dressers, a kitchen table with a few hardwood chairs, and wooden floors without even a throw rug. Read the rest of this entry »

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