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Designer Clothing in a Fast Fashion World

In recent years fast fashion has taken over the shopping landscape and consumers have favoured buying cheap, throwaway products that do not last very long, but are so cheap it does not matter.

This has had a huge impact on our environment as it has increased the levels of waste products we produce as well as the number of plastic bags that are being used and discarded. It is understandable why this has happened as during difficult economic times, consumers will opt for the quick, short term, cheaper option. However, designer fashion does not have to be off limits and should start to make a comeback with designers fighting to win the mass markets custom.

When purchasing it is not just about the product, but about the entire shopping experience and service you get from the brand. Designers are working on the basis of trust and one to one service. It is no secret that when you walk into a branded shop, you are instantly asked if you need any assistance, compared to high street stores where you have to hunt down a member of staff to try and help you. Read the rest of this entry »

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