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Tips For Creating a Fashion Designer’s Resume

Steps for creating a fashion designer’s resume are mentioned below:-

*First three lines should include the applicant’s complete name, contact details & email i.d. for e.g. ‘Tom peter’

Contact no.-xyz

Address-361, abbott road, New York, N.Y.

E mail

*Next is the opening paragraph which includes the objective clearly mentioning for the designation you have applied. E.g. To get a position of a fashion designer in this fashion world where I can make the best use of my creative skills, fabric designing & experience to make good products.

Mention your personal skills like:- *Having great sense of color shades & color combination.

*Do possess the creative skills, problem solving attitude & ability to work in a team.

* Excellent sense & passions for prints, patterns & details.

* Have the capability to understand & fulfill the client’s requirements by designing the fabrics that pinpoint their target market.

Then give the educational background including the academic qualifications & accomplishments, field of specialization & certifications you possess. Read the rest of this entry »

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