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Womens Intimate Apparel

When it comes to womens intimate apparel, there are many types of clothing to choose from. Wearing lingerie every now and then is a great way to boost a female’s confidence and make her feel very attractive and beautiful. The type of intimate lingerie you choose to wear is really up to you. Below are a few of the different styles to choose from.

Baby Dolls
These nighties are generally two pieces. The first is a short gown that is fitted around the bust, and then flows down loosely around your midsection. It is generally paired with a pair of panties that are the same color or pattern. This is because the intimate lingerie top usually does not extend back the hips. Baby dolls come in a number of materials, such as silk and other sheer materials.

Bras and Panties
Typically worn as a set, these women’s intimate apparel is the most common lingerie worn by females. Most women wear these undergarments on a daily basis. They can range from very plain in nature to more sensual articles of clothing. Bras can be low cut and revealing, or high cut to completely cover the chest. They may sometimes be padded or water-filled to give a more voluptuous appearance. Read the rest of this entry »

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