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Clothing Tips for Plus Size Women

Everyone should know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. But more often than not, when we flip through fashion and lifestyle magazines, we are bombarded with images of very slender and skinny women who are wearing the latest fashion trends. They are asked to represent the fashionable clothing lines in the world because skinny is now directly proportionate to beautiful. We should not tolerate this kind of thinking that media rubs off the minds of people, especially the young girls. They are the ones who really patronize shows, movies and magazines where all skinny girls are featured endlessly.

To all plus size women out there, here are 2 tips that a lot of people do not know. They will definitely help you look great and without compromising style

1. Stay away from baggy clothes. A lot of plus size women feel and think that they are bigger than they really are. A lot of them try to hide their problem areas such as arms, thighs and mid sections by wearing really big clothes. The rule of the thumb that every plus-size women should know is wearing baggy and loose clothes only make you look bigger than you really are. Baggy clothes hide your full figure and make you look like you do not have curves at all. Read the rest of this entry »

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