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Top Models

Models are people, either male or female, who act as props for the display of items like dresses, jewelry, accessories and the like. Modeling is basically of two types fashion modeling and commercial modeling.

Fashion modeling is an intrinsic part of the clothing industry. Leading designers rely on fashion models to walk the ramp in fashion shows to display their collections. Fashion models are used for photo shoots also. Such assignments require them to show particular emotions and feelings on their faces. So fashion models need to have a certain amount of acting skills too. Also, it is not unusual for fashion models to use their modeling career as a stepping stone for an acting career.

Fashion models may be either high fashion models or commercial models. Both types churn out a regular crop of top models from time to time. Several top models specialize in high fashion modeling. Artistic themes are used as backdrops for such assignments. These kinds of assignments pay very well and add a lot of value to a model’s portfolio. In fact, a few high fashion assignments done with leading photographers is enough to turn a model into a top model. Read the rest of this entry »

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