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Penfield Clothing

Penfield ClothingPenfield started out in 1975 in Massachusetts making quality jackets and other outerwear clothing. 36 years on and Penfield are still producing the highest quality clothing around with its outdoor roots but its now appealing to a different market as well. Penfield is now seen as a fashion clothing brand selling jackets, shirts, jumpers, t shirts, accessories and other products through exclusive clothing stores and websites.

Penfield garments were originally designed to be worn in the outdoors and stand up to the demands of the weather climate in New England of heavy storms and strong winds but the products also needed to look good for the style conscious consumer. Fashion, function, practicality and durability have always been the key elements at Penfield.

In 1996 Noel Gallagher famously wore the Penfield Pac Jac Jacket at Oasis’s legendary Maine Road gig and Liam also used to sport a bit of Penfield gear. In 2010 Penfield re-issued the famous Pac Jac Jacket to celebrate their 35th anniversary and it proved to be very popular with shops and online stores selling out quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

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