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Tooth Decay – Top 10 Lifestyles That Contribute to Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a process that happens when acidic waste products created by oral bacteria cause damage to the hard tissues of a tooth called enamel. If this process remains unchecked, a point can be reached where enough enamel is finally lost that hole or a cavity forms on the tooth.

Here are 10 lifestyles or risk factors that will increase your chances of getting tooth decay.

Lack of proper oral hygiene

Brushing only once a day, especially if morning only, is a large risk factor in getting tooth decay. If you don’t clean your teeth after eating and drinking, plaque builds up, eroding your teeth.

Plaque is a soft, sticky, and colorless deposit that is continually forming on our teeth and gums. Often undetected, plaque attacks the teeth and gums with the acid it produces from bacteria in your mouth. This acid attack breaks down the tooth’s enamel, causing tooth sensitivity and ending with varying degrees of tooth decay Read the rest of this entry »

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