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Make-Up Tips to Help Skin Look Younger

No one can turn back the clock, but the way you apply your make-up and the kind of make-up you use can go a long way in making your skin look younger. Once you’ve accomplished the basics for healthy skin on the inside – healthy diet, plenty of water, and regular exercise – you can consider these make-up techniques to help your skin look younger.

1. Creams, Not Powders

Young girls often pat on a lot of powder, whether it’s pressed powder or blush. Sometimes, young women do this to absorb oil and reduce shine. But as your skin ages, a certain amount of “shine” is considered good. A luminous, translucent look can help bring back the moisture-rich look of youth (that you used to cover up with powder!).

Another reason for using cream blushes, eye shadows, and other make-up is that is will be less likely to settle into wrinkles and lines on your face. When powders fill in these facial lines, it can make them stand out and look like cracks. Creams have a more smoothing effect. Read the rest of this entry »

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