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Wedding Flowers: Creative Ideas for Bridal Bouquets and Reception Decor

For beautiful and memorable wedding flower bouquets, today’s brides are getting creative. Instead of letting a florist know the bridal party colors and leaving the design ideas up to them as bride’s used to do, bride requests are getting very specific. In fact, an informed and open bride combined with a creative and expressive florist can make for some stunning bridal bouquet arrangements. The only downside will be when the flowers fade! Read on for some creative bridal bouquet ideas for the bride, the bridal party, the head table and the wedding reception decoration as well.

Colors: Oh, what you can do with colors! Whether you use the flowers themselves or the ribbons and bows or candles, getting creative with color is a wonderful way to create a memorable event. Picture, for instance, wedding flowers starting from light pink and moving to deep fuschia or purple or red as you progress through the bridal party, or perhaps around the reception tables, each bouquet or centerpiece a different color than the next, getting deeper and more vibrant. Perhaps, instead, you have a black and white theme and choose vibrant red or orange or purple flowers to add a dramatic splash of color and style. For a garden or very formal themed wedding, an all-white palette for floral bouquets and centerpieces is absolutely stunning, and can be combined with silver, bronze or gold accents for a little sparkle. Read the rest of this entry »

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