Tips When You Buy Compost in a Bag

A lot of gardeners, especially newbies, ask if it is possible to buy premium grade garden composts in a bag. Most bagged products at garden shops are either topsoil or manure. So how do you find places that offer go-to composts in a bag? What if you do not have a space or yard to dump all the composts?

The answer to the possibility question is actually a big yes. Most shops that you probably visit do not have the bagged composts displayed probably because they bag the composts only when there is an order. Unlike topsoil and manure, compost is a delicate product. So the best thing to do when in a shop is to ask. All shops have their own compost farm somewhere, and if you are just lucky to find out they have one at their backyard, you might be able to take a glimpse and sample their product.

If space is a big problem, do not hesitate to ask your neighbor if you can use their extra lot to store your compost. Just make sure the product will not affect any neighboring vegetation or garden.

When you are surprised to find a lot of bagged composts in stores near you, well you should be. In fact, you should be skeptical of the quality of the products. Compost unlike any other canned or contained gardening products cannot stand in containment for a long time. Do not purchase if you have doubts in mind. The anaerobic condition of these products would have already terminated the important and useful bacteria.

There is no harm in trying though, if you can actually ask the vendor for a quack test, then go for it. Quack test is a process of determining the quality of a compost by smelling, touching, and scrutinizing the texture.

You have to remember as well that there are different types of composts based on composition. Among the best known are those made of sawdust, crab waste, poultry manure, bedding, and those that contain nitrogen and chitin. The convenience is there when you buy compost in a bag, but always check the quality before you buy in bulk.

By Randy_V._Robertson

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