Top 10 Styles of Shirt and Tie Ideas

1. A solid black collared shirt and a solid or patterned red tie.
The black shirt and red necktie combination has been very popular over the last few years. This is a very sharp look, not to be worn by the faint of heart. Other popular combos include plain silk ties in adventurous color like gold, silver and purple.

2. A pale blue shirt with minute white stripes and a solid pink neck tie.
This look is all about business, but with a bit of a smile thrown in. Pink was frequently a colour avoided by the business man, but it has certainly come into its own the past few years.

3. A light yellow shirt with a light yellow and blue patterned silk tie.
This is a fantastic look on many men, in particular those with a dark appearance, as yellow naturally complements the skin tone. Stripes and shapes are a good choice in patterned tie for this type of appearance.

4. A plain gray collared shirt with a patterned neck tie that features some gray colouring.
Gray is another colour that is really making a resurgence when it comes to men’s collared shirt and silk tie combinations. A strong pattern is a must in order for this look not to become out-of-date.

5. A small light red and white striped collared shirt and a patterned necktie in similar colors.
For a necktie with larger stripes the shirt is the key to looking good. If you are doing a pattern, be sure it has the same colour of the collared shirt so that it does not look too busy. A bow tie can also be worn with this look.

6. A green shirt with a dark necktie and matching green stripes.
Any pattern can really be worn with this look, as long as the green in the necktie matches or complements the green of the shirt. Men with green eyes look in particular good in this combo.

7. A small checker-patterned brown collared shirt and larger checker-patterned silk tie.
This is another look for the brave, as it can easily be overdone and cause more of a nerdy style then the suave look most guys are going for. To go for it, be sure you have matching colours and that the necktie has the bolder pattern.

8. A rich plain purple coloured collared shirt with a patterned silk tie.
A very deep purple is popular in this combo, as is a necktie with a bold pattern, like paisley. A bow tie oftentimes works with this look as well.

9. A dark collared shirt with a silk tie in the same colour, but a few shades darker.
This has been an extremely popular style over the last few years. When trying, be sure you get a silk tie that is several shades darker then the collared shirt, as a contrast is really needed to pull this look off.

10. A white collared shirt with any manner of colored tie.
If doing a black necktie for this look, be sure to add a comical detail like amazing cufflinks to keep the look from becoming overused. This is the mix that you are able to have the most fun with, as no tie is really off limit with a white shirt. Just be sure you keep the silk tie in the professional, cool or “fun” range, and don’t dip down to the clich?d or crazy area.

By Jennie_Graham

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